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Knowledge Maintains Compliance

From our local dairy farm clients to comprehensive processing facilities, insuring 3-A compliance standards keeps dairy operations functioning and profitable. Thermal Energy Solutions has the expertise in dairy operations to meet the standards for clean, high quality dairy piping and food and beverage-rated fabrication and installation. We work in any segment of the process, or consult for turn-key design, fabrication, and food grade installation.

Our southern California experience in dairy operations includes:

  • Holding tanks
  • Valve clusters (Tuchenhagen,Waukesha)
  • UHT pasteurizers
  • CIP/COP skids
  • Culinary steam stations
  • Food grade process piping
  • Utility lines (steam, air, gas, water)
  • Boiler installation and equipment
  • PD pump/centrifugal pumps
  • Filler
  • Evaporator
  • Stainless steel fabrications
  • Orbital welding
  • Structural fabrication
  • CAD/P&ID drawings
  • Boroscope inspection service
  • Aseptic processing systems